Neo Max 12 Magnetic Ankle Band - Black and White

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NEO MAX 12 - High Strength Silicon Magnetic Ankle Band - Black and White

A high strength magnetic silicon ankle bracelet, designed for maximum magnetic performance. The NEO MAX 12 uses the patented technology to produce a unique magnetic silicon anklet. This innovation integrates 12 large magnets and suspends them in a flexible silicon band. Colour: black and white.

The Neo Max 12 ankle band offers a dual therapy approach. Magnetic therapy via the embedded magnets and Acu point stimulation at various locations around the band. These locations will correspond to important acupuncture points around the ankle. Key points on the ankle are used in traditional acupuncture to help with ankle, leg and knee problems, along with essential acupuncture points for energy and vitality.

Product Specification
  • High performance - Silicon magnetic ankle band
  • Therapy - Complementary for joints and muscles
  • Magnetic - Natural pain relief
  • Size of magnets - Each magnet 6mm x 6mm x 2mm
  • Power and strength - 12 x 2500 gauss neodymium magnets
  • Material – Patented high performance Silicon Compound
  • Silicon Band - Flexible, durable, robust, water resistant
  • Easy to wear - Soft and comfortable, ultra lightweight
  • Acupuncture stimulation - Trigger points for pain relief, energy, relaxation and balance
Size Guide


Size: The NeoMax 12 magnetic ankle band, has two size options, Small or Medium. The ankle bands are flexible, each size can fit a range of ankle sizes, see the table opposite.

Dual Therapy: Magnetic Therapy and Acu Point Stimulation: Acupuncturists use various techniques to stimulate specific acupuncture points. These include placing magnets over acu points, which is an effective method for activating the trigger points. Key acupuncture points on and around the ankle are used to strengthen vital energy and improve digestion.  Local acu points are used for muscle, joint and tendon problems of the ankle.

NeoMax 12 Ankle Band
Ankle Size Range Choose Size
7½  to 9 inches (19cm - 22.8cm) Small
9  to 10½ inches (22.8cm - 26.5cm) Medium
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