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MAGNETS 4 HEALTH  Magnetic Bracelet Company UK

Established in Yorkshire 1996, we have expertise in acupuncture, physics and magnetic therapy. We are very proud to bring you high quality products and new technologies using magnets for health. Our own top brand sports product, NEOMAX 30™ and our unique patented magnetic dog collar, MAGNO MUTT™ are among the many hundreds of excellent products you can choose from in our store.


  • Magnetic bracelets with strong magnets

  • Friendly efficient customer service

  • All products UK compliant guarantees

  • Copper bracelet specialist

  • Top quality therapy bracelets

  • Highest grade strength magnets

  • Magnetic dog collars - Magno Mutt UK

  • Luxury 'North South' branded Gift Boxes

Magnets 4 Health, the premier online store for magnetic bracelets. For the ultimate lightweight titanium bracelet with multiple magnets or a pure copper bracelet with super strong magnets, look no further than our wide range of specialist magnetic jewellery. 

Did you know an amazing fact? As well as magnetic bracelets that are designed for our well-being, dogs have got in on the act too, of course they have!!  As dog lovers, we designed and branded the MAGNO MUTT™ magnetic dog collar. A non-invasive collar to naturally help with joints and muscles. Try it on your adorable pooch, they'll love it. 

All magnetic therapy products are designed with care & made to last at the fairest prices.

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