MAGNO MUTT - Jet Black Magnetic Dog Collar
MAGNO MUTT - Jet Black Magnetic Dog Collar

MAGNO MUTT - Jet Black Magnetic Dog Collar

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The MAGNO MUTT™ - Advanced Magnetic Dog Collars - Magnetic Power For Your Dog

Revolutionary technology has been applied using high power Neodymium Boron magnets. High strength, large magnets are important to deliver a deeper magnetic power. The MAGNO MUTT™ is probably the strongest and best magnetic dog collar available. Each collar contains up to four super-sized magnets, enabling deep penetration of magnetic energy. The MAGNO MUTT™  can be left on for longer extended periods of time if required. The Magno Mutt is soft, comfy, cooling and soothing for your faithful friend. Three dashing colours available.

Disclaimer: Always consult a suitably qualified health professional for diagnosis and treatment. No specific medical claims are made.

Product Specification
  • Designed for Maximum Strength
  • Deep Magnetic Field Penetration
  • Superior to other Collars 3-4 High Strength Magnets
  • Not a weak magnetic continuous strip in collar
  • Micro chips - Codes are "hard coded" onto the chip so cannot be affected by magnets
  • Large Magnets
  • Soft and Comfy, Cool and Soothing
  • Washable & Adjustable
  • Great Whilst Exercising or Snoozing
Size Guide


Magno Mutt Size Ranges: There are three size options, Small, Medium and Large size. Each size can fit a range of neck sizes, see the table opposite. The Small size contains 3 Large Magnets. The Medium and Large contain 4 Large Magnets.

Key design elements: The MAGNO MUTT™ magnetic dog collars have been specifically designed to address the 5 most important elements for effective powerful magnetic application: magnet size, magnet strength, number of magnets, magnetic coverage and magnetic strength adapted to dog size.

Magno Mutt Magnetic Dog Collar
Neck Size Range Choose Collar Size
12 ½ – 15 ½ inches. (31.8 cm - 39.4 cm Small
15 - 18 ¼ inches. (38 cm - 46.5 cm) Medium
19 - 25 ½ - inches. (48 cm – 65 cm) Large
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