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Titanium Double Magnets Magnetic Link Bracelet - TD8...

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TD8 Titanium

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5 Average Rating 5/5 (6 reviews)
TD8 Titanium 4 stars Value for money Written by
Just bought this, certainly looks quality but time will tell if it works.
TD8 Titanium 5 stars Good quality bracelet Written by
very fast delivery, I bought 2 of these bracelets one for the wife and one for me. You can see that these are very good quality bracelets I have had ones in the past and they didn't come anywhere near the quality of these. Magnets don't seem to work for everybody but fingers crossed they work for us as we bought them for osteoarthritis, as the company says we are all made different but I have seen reviews saying (didn't work for me) even it it doesn't they are a nice bracelet so we intend keeping them one way or the other.
TD8 Titanium 5 stars Serious amount of magnets Written by
I am in less pain in my lower lumbar. Bracelet is a good one I think it works well helped by the amount of magnets in this bracelet.
TD8 Titanium 5 stars Looks Good Written by
Looks good on and has certainly helped with pain in my shoulder. You can tell immediately its a good quality bracelet.
TD8 Titanium 5 stars Great bracelet and great service Written by

This is a really nice bracelet and I am very pleased with it. I have had magnetic bracelets for a long time now and I do find they work. I would not be without one now and I would recommend them to anyone. The service I have received from Magnets4Health has really been second to none. I did buy a different bracelet but unfortunately a pin came out from one of the links. I sent it back to see if it can be repaired but by return of post I received a new bracelet. Excellent service and I would certainly buy from Magnets4Health again.

TD8 Titanium 5 stars Great service Written by

I ordered this bracelet as I used to have a copper magnetic one for years with good results, however I made a mistake in the size as I was soon to go on holiday for a month I sent it back the same day. I was then amazed to receive the replacement 2 days later! What a sevice, and I am well pleased with the quality & benefits already. So well done magnets4health team.

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