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Titanium Black

Titanium Black

A range of stunning of jet black and gunmetal titanium bracelets for all tastes.

Titanum is an increasingly popular metal as it is both durable and lightweight making it a perfect vehicle to carry a large number of magnets.  We're delighted to present these sturdy but lightweight titanium bracelets for men with a single or double row of 1500 gauss magnets.   

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Special OfferTitanium B6

Titanium B65

Black Titanium Magnetic Bracelet B6...

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Special OfferTitanium B32

Titanium B324

Black Titanium Double Row Magnetic Bracelet B32...

10% Off ...£31.00£34.45This product has options
Special OfferTitanium B36

Titanium B36

Black Matt Titanium Magnetic Bracelet B36...

10% Off£29.65£32.95This product has options