The Healing Power of Magnets

The Healing Power of Magnets

The Healing Power of Magnets

Magnetic Therapy is an age-old practice going back many civilisations. It was mentioned in ancient writings from many cultures. Magnetic therapy as part of alternative health is undergoing a popular revival. This is due to the influence of modern magnetic materials and to the increasing use of magnets as a complementary option for pain relief and sports injuries.

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So how does magnetic therapy work?

It is generally believed that magnets work by means of magnetic lines of force; units called gauss measure the strength of the magnetic field. The higher the gauss number the stronger the magnet (a 1000 gauss magnet is ten times stronger than a 100 gauss magnet).  Magnets appear to heal the body removing inflammation and restoring circulation. By increasing blood flow to a diseased site on the body, increased nutrients become available to speed the healing process.

In fracture healing, for example, the use of magnetic fields increases the adherence of calcium ions to the blood clot formed at the site of the break. This allows for the proper formation of the callus that is necessary for fractures to heal properly.

In the Eastern view of healing, magnets help restore the energy flow of the body to allow healing and proper metabolism. This is similar to one of the theories used to explain the positive affects of acupuncture as well.

The Neo Max 30™  Magnetic bracelet is a sports bracelet with 30 super strength bars of Neodymium magnets. Powerful magnets are embedded within a practical, stylish, water resistant, flexible bracelet. Note these are large bar magnets. High Strength magnets are important, as weak or small round magnets have very little therapeutic effect or benefit if any. Technically, therapeutic strength is a function of the actual physical size of a magnet combined with the magnetic strength (usually measured in Gauss or Tesla units). The number of magnets in a bracelet may also help therapeutically giving a wider magnetic coverage. We have not seen a sports bracelet on the market which has the magnetic power of the Neo30™

The magnets in the Neo30™ are so strong they may affect laptop computers. This means it could turn the laptop off, not harm it. No affect on PC’s has been reported. The Neo Max 30 has no clasp, it is a stretchy sports bracelet.

The Power of Magnets

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