Silicon Patch

Silicon Patch

NEOMAX-Q Silicon Magnetic Pain Relief Patch

A high strength magnetic silicon patch that is crafted with x 3 powerful 3500 magnets.

This innovative patch incorporates large size magnets ( dia.15mm). Large magnets notably increase the depth of magnetic penetration. This ensures an optimum performance from the NEOMAX - Q, the most powerful and lightest weight magnetic patch available.

  • Powerful magnetic silicon patch

  • Complementary therapy for joints and muscles

  • Designed for the large muscles of shoulder, back, hips, pelvis or thighs

  • Targets directly over painful or injured body areas

  • Muscle stimulation, pain relief Acu points

  • Each North facing magnet 3500 gauss

  • Compact, ultra lightweight, re-usable

  • Soft and Comfortable

  • Premium grade, advanced patented technology

Neo Max-Q is international patent pending and Verified by the German medical Institute, OnkoZert GmbH. 

NEOMAX Q is used for natural pain relief.

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NEOMAX-Q Silicon Magnetic Patch

NEOMAX-Q Silicon Magnetic Patch

NEOMAX-Q Silicon Magnetic Pain Relief Patch...

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NEOMAX-Q - Super Magnet Therapy

What is in the Box

  • Effective magnetic silicon patch

  • Replacement Hydrogel pad, holds the magnetic patch firmly in place

  • Zip lock storage bag