Neo30 Jet Black

Neo30 Jet Black


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How Magnets Work
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The Neo30 High Strength Silicon Magnetic Bracelet

  • Complimentary therapy for Joints and Muscles

  • Sports Performance

  • 30 Hi Power Neodymium Magnets Per Bracelet
  • Each North Facing Magnet 1500 Gauss

  • Ultra Lightweight

  • Flexible, Durable, Robust

  • Soft and Comfortable

  • Water Resistant Silicon

A high strength magnetic silicon bracelet that is designed for maximum magnetic performance. The Neo30 uses the latest manufacturing techniques to produce a unique magnetic bracelet. This innovation integrates 30 rectangular bars of high strength Neodymium magnets within a practical easy to use flexible silicon band. Hi Strength magnets are important, as weak or small magnets have very little therapeutic effect or benefit if any.

The silicon material has been manufactured to a very high standard. This makes the bracelet soft but strong, ultra lightweight but powerful and a pleasure to wear for extended lengths of time. It is an ideal choice for anyone looking for a bracelet that is robust yet lightweight, great for sports, gardeners, any outdoor work or pursuits. Suitable for people of all ages and lifestyles, it is hypoallergenic, and as no metal comes into contact with the skin it is unlikely to cause metal allergies.

Ultra lightweight and water resistant, the bracelet slips on and pulls off easily, having no clasp, and is very comfortable to wear. Each of the 30 magnets is constructed from a 12,800 gauss manufacturer graded neodymium magnet giving 1500 gauss at the bracelet surface. This ensures maximum magnetic therapeutic benefit and optimum performance from the Neo30. Probably the most powerful magnetic silicone bracelet available.

Neo30 Magnetic Bracelet 
Product Name Neo30
Material Silicon
Colour/Finish Jet Black
Polarity Bio-North
No. of Magnets 30 per bracelet
Magnet Type Hi Strength Neodymium
Magnet Rating/Grade 12,500 Gauss each magnet
Surface Reading 1500 Gauss each magnet
Guarantee 6 months, against manufacturing faults.
Care Can be wiped clean with a damp cloth
Width 10 mm

SIZES: Three Wrist Sizes:

  • Small: fits wrist sizes 6 to 7 inches (15.2cm to 17.8cm).

  • Medium: fits wrist sizes 7 to 7 3/4 inches (17.8cm to 19.7cm).

  • Large: fits wrist sizes 7 3/4 to 8 3/4 inches (19.7cm to 22.2cm)

  • Width = 10mm (3/8 in.)

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“I am writing to THANK YOU SO MUCH…the bracelets are absolutely BEAUTIFUL.. I love them...just gorgeous....I hope they will be effective in helping me in the early stages of osteo arthritis. Your standard of service second to none.... and you can quote me !!

" MANY THANKS INDEED for wonderful products/service”

“Excellent service, had to send my bracelet back for a size exchange, customer service courteous and efficient, I would definitely recommend them”

“Just a line to thank you for the prompt delivery of our order.... Received today excellent service through out again thank you”

“Prompt response to enquiries, very fast delivery”

“Fantastic professional service, great product, securely packaged”

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"Hi, thank you so, so much for sending out the dog collar so promptly. We received it on Friday and our dog is doing much much better. He's back to his cheeky ways which is a great feeling! Thank you again”

“Just to let you know that I received the smaller sized bracelet today and to say a big thank you for the speed in which you returned the item, my husband will get it in time for his birthday! Many thanks for your help and the fantastic service”

"I just wanted to thank you. I had never used your website before and as you may understand, it's always a bit of a gamble when you buy from a website the first time but I'm more than happy and will definitely be returning and recommending you!"

How Magnets Heal Our Bodies 

A Summary

The main reported benefits of using magnets are general and specific pain relief, increased flexibility, faster healing from sports and other injuries, headaches and insomnia.

How Does It Work? Possible Theories
There are many viewpoints and theories as to how magnets may work therapeutically. The theories are old and new, derived from science and from complementary medicine. Specific physiological effects have been reported, although further research is required.

  • Magnets may improve the quality of the blood circulation. As a result this can increase the nutrient carrying potential of the blood. Blood flow is a key aspect in health and disease. This is probably one of the main healing benefits of using magnets. Improved blood quality results in a reduction of inflammation, reduced calcium deposits, lactic acid and other toxins. Tissues detoxify and the healing process begins.

  • It has also been reported that magnets may help block pain when nerve fibres are subject to a magnetic field, possibly producing endorphins, which are the body's own natural pain killers.

  • Magnetism may also help heal nervous tissue and bones by speeding up the migration of calcium ions.

  • Melatonin production may also be influenced by exposure to magnetic fields; this hormone helps promote restful sound sleep.

  • The Acupuncturist's View The magnets stimulate key acupressure points on the wrist area to give relief from pain in the wrist or hand. Wrist acupressure points are used in traditional acupuncture to help with elbow, shoulder, arm and neck problems, as well as with other health issues including insomnia, stress, digestive problems and headaches.

For further information on these topics please see our various Technical Pages and FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).

5 Average Rating 5/5 (10 reviews)
5 stars Soft and Flexible, easy to wear Written by
My husband wanted a magnetic bracelet but was not used to wearing anything other than a watch. I thought that this would be the answer. It's soft and flexible so that you do not notice that you are wearing it. He wore an orange colour one for nearly two years before it started to lose magnets. He has now started to wear a black one. He doesn't tend to take it off much so it's nit being stretched on and off all the time, we were quite impressed that the last one lasted as long as it did.
5 stars Plantar Facitius..back to full running training Written by
I have been wearing the silicon max 30 and i has been amazing i dont have any sharp pains any more im able to put my heal to the ground from before the daily pain out of 10 would be a 7 or 8 now it has dropped to a 4 or 3 . I would definately recomend for plantar facitius, in fact i let a running buddy wear it for our hr session this am and usually by end he is in pain today he was able to put hos heal to floor and within the first half hour he found a difference . And left with a smile so ive passed on a link and he has gone home to order one . I would just like to add this bangle has changed my life and now im back to full training .
5 stars Neo 30 Jet Black Bracelet Written by
Easily worn 24/7 and definitely eased the pains in my right wrist and shoulder after around 2-3 weeks of wearing. A great item well worth the money!
5 stars Best Sports bracelet...Stongest and most Flexible Written by
I love this black sporty bracelet Its stretchy and has 30 magnets. Its really helping the circulation in my left hand.
5 stars Very Pleased - wrist pain has been helped Written by
This is about the strongest magnetic bracelet I have ever had with 30 strong magnets, it can actually can pick up cutlery (a knife) when it comes into contact with the bracelet. It has really improved my annoying wrist pain and associated numbness (carpal tunnel).
5 stars The most superior magnet bracelet of its kind Written by
Have had other sports magnetic bracelets before but this one is in a completely different league. Its well made, the magnets are super strong, it can pick a fork up easily! It works too, possibly because the magnets are stronger, I don't know, I don't care all I know is my arm/tennis elbow pain has gone!!
5 stars Good Quality Product Written by
I have had one of these now for two years and it is still going strong. Bought for shoulder pain, swimming regularly, prob RSI. Shoulder pain gone but use it to keep aches and pains away. Just bought one for husband. They have improved the Neo 30 since I bought mine, even better, stronger magnets and stronger silicon. They are a bit pricey but well worth it I would say. Very smartly packaged too.
5 stars A choice of size Written by
This was exactly what I wanted. I have a small wrist and it seems just about all magnetic bracelets on the market come in one size fits all.For me far to big. With this make you measure your wrist and get the right size, for me the small is perfect. They just slip on and feel very comfortable. Very easy to slip off at night if like me you prefer removing for sleeping. As they are silicon its fine if they get wet.The magnets are all the way round the band to give a good magnetic field. I liked it so much I bought another in Glacier Grey which is a very nice colour. If you are looking for a Rare Earth Neodymium magnetic bracelet {male or female} I really recommend this. I believe that magnets do help the body and I really feel better for wearing it. If you are going to wear a bracelet then why not wear one of these and very possibly get magnetic therapeutic benefit (August 2011)
5 stars Cool magnetic wristband, 15 Sep, Written by

I bought this wristband to ease pains in my arms and i feel better for it, its comfortable to wear 24/7 and looks good.

5 stars Possibly the best magnetic bracelet there is...., Written by
I suffer with terrible joint pain-especially the wrists. These work a treat-much better and Much more durable than the branded trion:z-tried and testest-sorry I wasted my money! I feel better for wearing this bracelet, so much so, I've ordered myself another for my other wrist.

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