Magno Mutt - Cherry Red

Magno Mutt - Cherry Red

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How Magnets Work
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The MAGNO MUTT Magnetic Dog Collar Magnetic Power For Your Dog

  • Designed for Maximum Strength
  • Deep Magnetic Field Penetration
  • Superior to other Collars 3-4 High Strength Magnets
  • Not a weak magnetic continuous strip in collar
  • Micro chips -  Codes are "hard coded" onto the chip so cannot be affected by magnets
  • Large Magnets 
  • Soft and Comfy, Cool and Soothing
  • Washable & Adjustable
  • Great Whilst Exercising or Snoozing

Why Choose a Magno Mutt?

The Magno Mutt is the only magnetic dog collar specifically designed to apply large, strong, multiple magnets for your dog. We know of no other magnetic collar on the market which has this much magnetic power. Most other collars generally have either only one large magnet, a weak magnetic rubber strip, or several very small magnets. The Magno Mutt magnetic dog collar with its 3 or 4 (depending on collar size) large magnets is a much more powerful collar.

The Small size contains 3 Large Magnets. The Medium and Large contain 4 Large Magnets.

The Magno Mutt magnetic dog collars have been specifically designed to address the 5 most important elements for effective powerful magnetic application.

  1. Size of magnets
  2. Strength of magnets
  3. Number of magnets
  4. Magnetic coverage
  5. Magnetic strength adapted to dog size.

The Magno Mutt Magnetic Dog collar is designed for maximum strength. It contains 3 to 4 large powerful magnets (depending on collar size). Each magnet is graded at core strength 14000 Gauss, with well over 2000 gauss at the surface. This level of magnetic strength enables deep penetration of the magnets which is important for an effective magnetic dog collar.

Magnetism is a basic force in nature: The Earth itself has a natural magnetic field and all creatures are born and live out their lives under the influence of this natural force. It protects life on the planet by shielding us from harmful radiation.

Quality Materials: Particular attention has been paid to the construction of the collar, with materials, locks and stitching for durability and safety. Available in 3 colours and 3 sizes.

Customer Feedback

Bought a collar for my Teckel. Looked at all the physio options and decided to take things into my own hands and try a magnetic collar first. Just ordered a bracelet for myself so I can keep up with her! Also she loves putting it on in the morning...

We bought this for one of our Working Dogs on the recommendation of a friend. Good product, great craftmanship, exactly as described! Have noticed good results thro wear! A must for all active dogs regardless of age! Try it!!! 

Disclaimer: Always consult a suitably qualified health professional for diagnosis and treatment. No specific medical claims are made.

Magno Mutt Magnetic Dog Collar -  Cherry Red

Product Name Magno Mutt Magnetic Dog Collar
Material Nylon, Metal Rings Locks, Neodymium Magnets
Colour/Finish Cherry Red
Polarity Bio-North
No. of Magnets 3 to 4 Depending on Collar Size
Magnet Type Neodymium
Magnet Rating/Grade 12500 Gauss each magnet
Surface Reading 2000 Gauss each Superiorly Sized Magnet
Guarantee 12 months, against manufacturing faults

Gentle hand wash in mild detergent


Three fully adjustable sizes.

Small = 12 ½ – 15 ½ inches. (31.8 cm - 39.4 cm). Width = 15mm

Medium = 15 - 18 ¼ inches. (38 cm - 46.5cm). Width = 20mm

Large = 19 - 25 ½ - inches. (48 cm – 65 cm). Width = 25mm

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"Hi, thank you so, so much for sending out the dog collar so promptly. We received it on Friday and our dog is doing much much better. He's back to his cheeky ways which is a great feeling! Thank you again”

“I am writing to THANK YOU SO MUCH…the bracelets are absolutely BEAUTIFUL.. I love them...just gorgeous....I hope they will be effective in helping me in the early stages of osteo arthritis. Your standard of service second to none.... and you can quote me !!

" MANY THANKS INDEED for wonderful products/service”

“Excellent service, had to send my bracelet back for a size exchange, customer service courteous and efficient, I would definitely recommend them”

“Just a line to thank you for the prompt delivery of our order.... Received today excellent service through out again thank you”

“Prompt response to enquiries, very fast delivery”

“Fantastic professional service, great product, securely packaged”

“The item I ordered came before the due delivery date, excellent quality, very pleased with the service, would recommend to other people”

“Just to let you know that I received the smaller sized bracelet today and to say a big thank you for the speed in which you returned the item, my husband will get it in time for his birthday! Many thanks for your help and the fantastic service”

"I just wanted to thank you. I had never used your website before and as you may understand, it's always a bit of a gamble when you buy from a website the first time but I'm more than happy and will definitely be returning and recommending you!"

How Magnets Heal Our Bodies 

A Summary

The main reported benefits of using magnets are general and specific supporting and maintaining joint health.

How Does It Work? Possible Theories
There are many viewpoints and theories as to how magnets may work to support and maintain joint health. The theories are old and new, derived from science and from complementary medicine. Specific physiological effects have been reported, although further research is required.

  • Magnets may improve the quality of the blood circulation. As a result this can increase the nutrient carrying potential of the blood. Blood flow is a key aspect in health and disease. This is probably one of the main healing benefits of using magnets. Improved blood quality results in a reduction of inflammation, reduced calcium deposits, lactic acid and other toxins.

  • It has also been reported that magnets may help block pain when nerve fibres are subject to a magnetic field, possibly producing endorphins, which are the body's own natural pain killers.

  • Magnetism may also help heal nervous tissue and bones by speeding up the migration of calcium ions.

  • Melatonin production may also be influenced by exposure to magnetic fields; this hormone helps promote restful sound sleep.

  • The Acupuncturist's View The magnets stimulate key acupressure points on the wrist area to give relief from pain in the wrist or hand. Wrist acupressure points are used in traditional acupuncture to help with elbow, shoulder, arm and neck problems, as well as with other health issues including insomnia, stress, digestive problems and headaches.

For further information on these topics please see our various Technical Pages and FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).

5 Average Rating 5/5 (6 reviews)
5 stars Worth every penny! Written by
This has got to be one of the best things I've ever bought for my dog. She's a 14 yr old staffie cross jack russell. After struggling with getting up and down and being unsettled I bit the bullet and bought one. It was delivered Monday and by Wednesday she was back to normal. If you're contemplating buying one, just do it. It's worth every penny!
5 stars Brilliant! Written by
Bought a collar for my Teckel after a ruptured hernia diagnosis. Looked at all the physio options and decided to take things into my own hands and try a magnetic collar first. She´s now back to her old self again running around the garden and playing with our other 2 pups again. Just ordered a bracelet for myself so I can keep up with her! Also she loves putting it on in the morning...,
5 stars New dog with this collar Written by
Wish I had heard about these collars sooner. I have a 12 year old cocker spaniel who has suffered with arthritis for years. Within 2 days she was a lot more lively back to running up and down the stairs. Instead of standing at the top waiting to be carried down. She is also a lot more alert. I have recommended these to friends. I would definitely give it a go for your dog as I can't believe the difference in mine.
5 stars Magnetic dog collar Written by
My dog has arthritis,,the magno collar has helped give her a new lease of life. It's a joy to see, wonderful.
5 stars EXCELLENT PRODUCT (Review from Jan 2013) Written by
I have bought a Magno Mutt collar for my dog for the last 3 years. She is 13 years old now and has bad arthritis in all four legs, on a regular basis she was taking medication costing £30 a month, since buying her the first Magno Mutt 3 years ago she has been generally pain free and noticably more manoeuvre. I would highly recommend magno mutt.
5 stars Fabulous Written by
We bought this for one of our Working Dogs on the recommendation of a friend. Good product, great craftmanship, exactly as described! Have noticed good results thro wear! A must for all active dogs regardless of age! Try it!!!

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