Magnetic Bracelets Buyers Guide

Magnetic Bracelets Buyers Guide

Titanium Magnetic Bracelets - Very hard wearing and super lightweight magnetic bracelets. The titanium bracelets combine extra strength neodymium, multiple magnets with Commercially Pure Grade Titanium. Titanium has been proven for super strength, hardness, toughness, lightness and durability. Titanium is also chosen for pain related conditions where a heavier bracelet can feel uncomfortable such as repetitve strain injury or arthritis of the wrist, tennis elbow, golfers elbow or shoulder bursitis. Titanium magnetic bracelets are often a favourite choice for golfers. Standard fold over clasp.

Stainless Steel Magnetic Bracelets - Hard wearing and attractive in polished, sandblasted matt steel or both. Combines super strength, multiple magnets with 316L surgical strength stainless steel. Stainless Steel is practical, hard wearing and extremely strong. Stainless steel magnetic jewellrey is often used when a heavier bracelet is preferred. Standard fold over clasp.

Flexi-Fit Stainless Steel Magnetic Bracelets - Expandable magnetic bracelets with no clasp, easy to put on and take off. No need to fiddle with a clasp, these magnetic bracelets expand and stretch over the hand and so can easily be placed around the wrist.  These expandable magnetic Flexi-Fit bracelets are available with or without copper inserts. The copper magnetic designs apply the dual therapy of magnetics and copper. No clasp, expanding magnetic bracelet.

Sports Magnetic Bracelets - The Neo30™  Magnetic bracelet is a sports bracelet with 30 super strength bars of Neodymium magnets. Powerful magnets embedded within a practical, stylish, water resistant, flexible bracelet. Note these are large bar magnets. High Strength magnets are important, as weak or small round magnets have very little therapeutic effect or benefit if any. Technically, therapeutic strength is a function of the actual physical size of a magnet combined with the magnetic strength (usually measured in Gauss or Tesla units). The number of magnets in a bracelet may also help therapeutically giving a wider magnetic coverage. The magnets in the Neo30 are so strong they may affect laptop computers, although no affect on PC's has been reported. No clasp, stretchy sports bracelet.

Ionic Sports Magnetic Bracelets - Pure Black ionic sports bangles and Ionic Silver sports bracelets, contain ionic discs with Nano Ceramic technology giving a large ionic output. These sports bracelets are embedded with strong magnets as well as ionic discs. No Clasp, bangle.

Ionic Magnetic Bracelets -  High Grade Neodymium Magnets Alternating with Ionic Discs. The Ionic discs contain Nano Ceramic Tourmalene Particles. The multiple Negative Ion Discs, with a large Ionic output, alternating with strong magnets makes these therapy bracelets unique in their field. Standard fold over clasp.

Copper Magnetic bracelets -  Copper Bracelets have been used for healing by mankind for centuries. Pure Copper with 6 powerful Neodymium magnets. Copper magnetic bracelets custom made for strength. Copper is thought to have an anti-inflammatory effect, traditionally copper bracelets are frequently used for arthritis, muscle and joint pain. All our copper magnetic bracelets are custom made for strength, as we specify higher grade magnets in the manufacturing process. No clasp bangle magnetic bracelet.

High Power Magnetic Bangles - These are our highest strength copper bangles, these use neodymium magnets with larger end magnets. Larger magnets have a greater magnetic energy with increased depth of penetration. Copper bracelets designed for maximum strength. Copper has an anti-inflammatory effect. Magnetic copper bracelets are frequently used for arthritis, muscle and joint pain. No clasp bangle magnetic bracelet.

Magnetic Bangles - Silver and Copper, Silver plated Copper with 6 powerful Neodymium magnets. Silver and Copper magnetic bracelets custom made for strength. Copper has an anti-inflammatory effect, copper bracelets are frequently used for arthritis, muscle and joint pain. No clasp bangle magnetic bracelet.

Gold Magnetic Bracelets, Two-tone Magnetic Bracelets, Silver Magnetic Bracelets - All bracelets with 6 powerful Neodymium magnets. All magnets are custom made to meet cutomers demand for magnetic bracelets with strong magnets. No clasp bangle magnetic bracelet.

Titanium 4 in 1 Bio-Elements - We do not support the use of these bracelets as they reduce the number of available magnets in a given magnetic bracelet. Four bio element bracelets commonly contain 4 different elements in disc form: Germanium, Far Infrared (FIR), Negative Ions and Neodymium Magnets. We are big believers in Magnetic Therapy with the primary therapy therefore coming from magnets, particularly for pain relief. The inclusion of these additional elements dilutes the overall Magnetic Therapy. We have no reason to believe these other elements support magnetic therapy. Typically if a double row magnetic bracelet contains 40 magnets (depending on size) then a 4 element bracelet would only contain 10 magnets, the remainder of the spaces taken up by the other elements.