Hi Power Cable Bracelets

Hi Power Cable Bracelets

Our cable magnetic bangles are robust, elegant and distinctive and come in a range of colours.  The two super-sized bio-north magnets are designed to rest over the main arteries of the wrist intended to improve blood circulation.  

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Hi Power Copper Cable Bracelet

Hi Power Copper Cable Bracelet5

Hi Power Copper Cable Magnetic Bracelet...

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Stainless Steel Cable Bracelet

Stainless Steel Cable Bracelet5

Stainless Steel Cable Magnetic Braceletwith FREE plush Velvet Bag...

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Stainless Steel Gold Cable Bracelet

Stainless Steel Gold Cable Bracelet5

Stainless Steel Gold Cable Magnetic Braceletwith FREE Plush Velvet Bag...

 From £18.95This product has options