Does Copper Have Healing Properties?

Does Copper Have Healing Properties?

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The short answer to this question is ‘It depends on who you ask?’  Scientific research addressing the question is equivocal at best.  In the most oft quoted recent piece of UK research into the issue, Richmond (2013) states that ‘Wearing a magnetic wrist strap or a copper bracelet did not appear to have any meaningful therapeutic effect’.  This seems at first quite a stark and damning conclusion to make on the therapeutic effects of both magnetic and copper bracelets.  However note the insertion of the word ‘meaningful’ into the sentence.  The author does not say these items appeared to have no therapeutic effect. 

In fact a close look at the data shows that on the primary outcome measure, which was a self-reported scale ranging from “no pain” to “worst pain ever”, the 65 participants rated themselves on average as experiencing less pain when wearing a magnetic wrist strap or a copper bracelet than when wearing a bracelet without copper or magnets in it.  That the differences were too small to be statistically significant means that they could have occurred by chance, rather than as a result of the intervention i.e. wearing copper or magnets.  However the fact that arthritis sufferers taking part in this important piece of research indicated that they felt even marginally less pain when wearing a copper bracelet or magnetic wrist strap than not wearing one should not be dismissed and bears further investigation. 

It is possible that with adjustments to the research design, for example increasing the number of participants, using more powerful magnetic and copper bracelets, and/or increasing the time participants wear the jewellery for the differences in measures of pain may have reached statistical significance.  Also, and most crucially, in our experience as seasoned health practitioners, pain sufferers are grateful for any relief from the intensity of their suffering however small it may be and regardless of whether the difference has a statistical significance. 

Copper: an essential ingredient.

There is unambiguous evidence according to the Copper Alliance that ‘Copper is an essential nutrient and, therefore, vital to the health of humans, animals and plants. Copper is needed for… of wounds and injuries‘. Copper is present in the human body as a mineral in trace amounts. It helps the body use iron and supports nerve function and has antimicrobial properties meaning that it can be used to kill or inhibit the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms.

Copper’s power in soothing the pain of arthritis is explained by it’s anti-inflammatory properties as the copper is absorbed (often evidenced by the green/black marks the bracelet leaves on the surface of the skin).  Researchers found that the natural production of copper in the blood increased when inflammation was detected in the body and concluded that this was a naturally occurring phenomena similar to how pain stimulates the production of endorphins, the body’s natural painkiller.

By far the most powerful evidence for the effectiveness of copper’s healing properties is feedback from users of copper products.  If you ask wearers of copper bracelets ‘do you feel a therapeutic benefit’ you are likely to get a range of answers. But judging by the comments we get from our customers and considering the fact that the Copper Classic Matt D copper bracelet is consistently one of our top-selling products in over 15 years in business, we’re confident that copper plays a significant role in pain relief.  We’ll leave the last word to one of our customers whose comment we think sums up the issue of whether copper works or not, perfectly 

I was very very very sceptical about all this stuff but it might actually work or my really painful tennis elbow might have fixed itself all on its own and it’s just a big coincidence. In any case – I’ll keep it on. Just in case“. P.C. (2013)

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