Copper Magnetic Bracelets - 6 Magnet Bangles

Copper bracelets, used for healing by mankind for centuries. Copper is, in fact, humanity’s first metal and shows up in Sumerian and Egyptian metallurgy circa 3900 BC. Copper bracelets have been used for healing by mankind since early times. It is an essential metal and nutrient to our body needs, but is often not absorbed. It is believed that copper has an anti-inflammatory effect.

Our copper magnetic bracelets are pure copper and also contain  6 powerful Neodymium magnets. Therefore they have a double therapy; the copper effect and magnetic therapy. Six magnets are better than two as this improves the magnetic coverage over the pulse points and therefore increases the overall magnetic therapy.

All our copper magnetic bracelets are custom made for strength. Each magnet has a graded strength of 12500 gauss, after capping the surface reading is approximately 1500 to 1800 gauss. Neodymium magnets last for decades and do not need recharging. Magnets are capped and coated for extra protection and are Bio-North to the skin. Silver or gold plated bangles have a reduced copper effect although the magnetic therapy is the same.

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