Can magnets help heal sports injuries?

Can magnets help heal sports injuries?

Sports Injuries

Magnets for healing injuries have been used in the international sports world for many years. They are a non-drug approach to pain relief. They can improve injury recovery time, and can even be used as a technique to aid warm-up. This article discusses how magnets work on the body, the different magnet products available for sporting injuries, and the different strategies that can be employed for using them. It also gives suggestions on the use of magnets for general enhancement of well-being and vitality.

Sports medicine is an area where many kinds of injuries have to be treated and healed as quickly as possible. Magnets are becoming more widely used and accepted as an additional therapeutic medium to aid the sports person towards a faster recovery. The increasing acceptance of bio-magnetic therapy is based on two main factors.

The first is the increasing scientific research conducted on the various healing properties of magnets. The second factor is the sheer weight of anecdotal evidence. In fact most people find their way to magnetic healing via the good reports from friends and family.

Miraculous Results
Doctor P. Orengo a French orthopedic surgeon, knee specialist, and one of the pioneers of clinical magnet therapy talks about his first attempts at using magnets to treat sprains: “The first few times I was literally amazed. I remember exchanging looks with a patient, both of us incredulous. I was almost embarrassed at how quickly the initial results were obtained. When I obtained the same results with other patients on a systematic basis, I became seriously involved in furthering my understanding of this type of therapy.”

Back injury via sports exercise

How they work
Most of the research conducted in using magnets for healing has been done in the area of sprains and repetitive strain injury.  
Scientists are only just beginning to discover how magnetism heals and specific physiological effects have been documented. Applying magnets to the body increases blood circulation and therefore increases the nutrient carrying potential of the blood.
Magnets also importantly have an anti-inflammatory effect. Research shows that placing a magnet next to the skin will result in enduring vasoconstriction, constriction of the blood vessels, whereas inflammation causes the opposite effect, vasodilatation, i.e. dilation of the blood vessels. This is a possible explanation of one of the positive effects of magnetic healing.It helps ph balance (acid-alkaline) often imbalanced in diseased or injured tissues. Magnets can also help heal nerves and tissues by speeding up the migration of calcium ions. In the parts of the body where healing takes place an increase in negative electrical potential can always be observed. Some researchers believe this indicates that the north pole, which carries a negative charge, is implicated in the process of healing, although this has not been conclusively proved.

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Types of Magnetic Products Used in Sports Activities and Injuries
There are many ways that magnets can be used in sports activity and a wide variety of possible products and combinations of use. There are body wraps, therapy block magnets, high strength neodymium rare earth magnets, gold spot magnets and whole body treatments such as sleeping on a magnetic mattress cover or drinking magnetised water!
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